Nobo Whiteboard Accessories

Our selection of whiteboard accessories range from marker pens and whiteboard cleaners to magnetic accessories, all of which work beautifully together with our range of boards for the office or home.

Cleaning wipes, whiteboard erasers and cleansing sprays help to keep your board dirt-free, and are specifically designed to resist ghosting.

So whether you’re looking for a magnet to post a note, a pin for your combination board, or a Whiteboard Cleaning Kit to make the most out of your investment, we’re sure to have the right accessory for you.

31 results
Nobo Chalkmarkers White (3)
Nobo Diamond Glass Board Eraser
Nobo Everyday Whiteboard Cleaner   250ml
Nobo Ghostduster Whiteboard Eraser
Nobo Glide Drywipe Markers
Nobo Liquid Ink Drywipe Markers
Nobo Magnetic Drawing Pins 18mm Assorted (12)
Nobo Magnetic Pen Holder
Magnetic Pen Holder
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Nobo Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser
Nobo Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Refills (10)
Nobo Magnets
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Nobo Magnets Assorted Colours (6)
Nobo Moderation Board Carry Bag
Nobo Neon Dry Erase Markers Assorted (4)
Nobo Noboclene Cleaning Wipes (100)
Nobo Noboclene Plus Whiteboard Cleaning Spray 400ml
Nobo Prestige 2 in 1 Eraser
Nobo Prestige 2 in 1 Eraser Refill Pads
Nobo Prestige Accessory Caddy
Nobo Prestige Bulletin Bar
Nobo Prestige Cleaning Storage
Nobo Prestige Extending Arm
Nobo Prestige Flipchart Hooks (2)
Nobo Prestige Gridding Assistant

31 results

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