Nobo - Effective Workplace Planning with T-cards

T-cards allow businesses to see the bigger picture, giving an overview of employee movement for anything from a month to a year in a simple calendar board format.

How it works

T-cards bring colour to your coordination, allowing you to assign colours to anything from projects, teams, tasks, individuals or time periods and most importantly, allows users to visualise movements.

T card systems consist of panels and cards that go in them. Simple!

Week and year planning

You can use a set number of seven vertical panels with one additional panel to act as an index for days of the week planning, or 12 vertical panels to represent months in the year (also with one additional panel as an index).

In each panel there are 32 slots (one for each day in the month). Users place coloured T cards as representative of them and their actions for specific periods.

T-cards can be used for all sort of functions from indicating who is in or out, which teams are working together during certain times, or even as progress planners with tasks set on each card.

The application of T cards are endless, as are the sectors:

  • Health care – visualise nursing duties and employee movement.
  • Rental –which cars are out? Check the t-cards.
  • Stocks – which stocks have fallen on certain days? Make a note of it, place it on a t-card to visualise specific days to find trends, dips and rises in the market.
  • Production – set specific tasks to be undertaken on specific days using your t-cards.
  • Construction – check workers clocking in and out during the working week.

Our T cards come in different sizes to fit the slotted panels you are using, while and every pack contains 100 cards to ensure no matter how busy the project gets businesses are not left without the big picture. 

Creating your own system

Creating your own system


Create your own ultimate planning tool. Fine tune organisation and management to the letter, by creating your own T card system.

Use our t-card link bars and purchase t-card planning panels in a variety of sizes designed to suit your needs, and with the option to also print cards organisation has never been more colourful!

Planning on the move?

Planning on the move?

For those who want to view the big picture from the smaller board; smaller kits are available, such as our mini t-card planning kit. This mini planner fits into a 2-part PVC binder, which opens and closes accordion-style to give a view of your business on the go.

No matter how you manage staff, record movement or allocate tasks, this provides the perfect solution, browse our range of T-cards, and take your business planning to the next level.

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